Built-in Rules Engine

CampaignRunner has an advanced rules engine built right in

A rules engine can make significant contributions in automating difficult business processes, especially those that involve information-based decision making. However, it usually requires specialized skills of knowledge engineers to codify rules specific to your business. Add to that arcane toolsets and lingo they use, and it is easy to see how this technology may be out of reach of many organizations.

CampaignRunner makes it easy to write your business rules and requires no specialized skills. A business person can visually develop and deploy a rules-based system in record time, while ensuring more intelligent rules and more effective coverage than ever before.

See for yourself how easy and simple CampaignRunner makes it to develop intelligent systems.

Benefits of CampaignRunner as a Rules Engine

Here is a short list of the benefits of using CampaignRunner for rules-based intelligent systems development:

  • A business user can create complex business rules in minutes at point-and-click speed with no technical skills or proprietary knowledge. You no longer need specialized knowledge engineers to write rules.
  • Built-in enterprise-class scalability ensures that your rules are automatically optimized to run against millions of records and facts, or against individual records one at a time.
  • Easily expose your new rules safely and securely over the web to your colleagues, customers, and business partners.
  • All your corporate data is instantly available to you so you can write more intelligent rules and easily model your most complex business processes.
  • Write fewer and more powerful rules. CampaignRunner takes care of all the infrastructure rules such as transitional facts and rules for you so you can concentrate only on your core business rules.
  • You can quickly and confidently change your rules for unmatched agility and speed in responding to changing market conditions. CampaignRunner automatically checks for validity of your rules.
  • Automatic propagation of your rules, business entities and validation checks provide for a safe, secure and fast platform for development.
  • Your rules are platform independent across virtually all database systems and platforms.
  • Your rules remain human readable and can be used to train new users.

Some Challenges of Traditional Rules Engines

Traditional rules-based systems are typically associated many drawbacks:

  • Most rules engines on the market require highly specialized skills. A user with these skills is often referred to as a knowledge engineer.
  • It is difficult and expensive to provide ongoing support and maintenance as it requires knowledge engineers that are hard to find and keep on staff.
  • The corporate knowledge captured in rules is not in a human readable form and cannot be transfered from one platform to another.
  • A business user must go through extensive training to be able to use a rule engine let alone create effective production rules. It takes time and effort and comes at a high cost.
  • Despite this, a knowledge engineer cannot be effective without a deep understanding of the underlying domain. This requires key business personnel to be available to train and guide knowledge engineers.
  • Rules development environments have not matured yet. It is difficult to write effective production rules, debug their interaction with other rules, isolate their impact on the overall system, etc.
  • As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to add new rules as the number of rules increases.

See for yourself how easy and simple CampaignRunner makes it to develop intelligent systems.