Build Dynamic Intranets and Web Portals

Build Secure Portals for your Data

According to infuential research analysts, upto 70% of application development involves accessing data. In the case of organizational intranet or web-based portals, the statistics are even higher since the data comes from many diverse sources, and it must be processed according to ever changing business policies, be cross integrated, and presented in many ways dictated by ultimate end users.

Whether you are interested in a marketing portal or an enterprise portal, we can help you build one.
On time. On budget. Fully integrated.

See for yourself how we can build an advanced, fully integrated portal for you in just a few weeks.

Our Difference

We have taken all of the pain points of portal development via our Portal-in-a-Box. All that remains is to for you to decide what content to present and what branding and styling to use.

  • All your data sources are integrated.
  • All your business policies are implemented and automated.
  • Your portal is customized to your exact specifcations and branding requirements.
  • Multiple security models and user profiles are implemented.
  • Automated portal activity montoring and advanced reporting is integrated.

3 Challenges: More data, More users, Less Time

Typical enterprise response of throwing more resources at the problem does not make it easier, however. The trend is towards more complexity:

  • Data volumes grow constantly. Data also comes from new, unexpected sources and in new shapes and formats.
  • The user base grows constantly. They interact with the portals in unexpected ways. This makes customization and personalization difficult.
  • Time is a luxury that enterprises do not have. Whether it is to cut costs or to beat the competition to the market, every one feels the challenge.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Ask us about one of our projects for a multi-billion dollar company where we replicated one of their intranet applications with one that was more flexible, easier to use, and that integrated all of their business rules. Our difference? They had spent more than 3 years and were still going at it, where as we delivered it in just 3 weeks.

Help your bottom line and contact us. We can build an advanced, fully integrated portal in a matter of weeks.

See for yourself how we can build an advanced, fully integrated portal for you in just a few weeks.