CampaignRunner does ETL, ELT and Anything in Between

Move Beyond ETL and other point solutions

ETL is no longer limited to population of data warehouses or data marts. All enterprise communication involves some sort of ETL; whether it is between external partners, as result of mergers or acquisitions, among different lines of business, or even within a department involving multiple business processes, data often moves from one system to another, while being transformed, enriched or aggregated in one way or another. CampaignRunner is the only tool in the market that has been unifying all these diverse touchpoints: CampaignRunner enables transparent, direct point-to-point, bi-directional, and transactional data movement from one system to another, with no restrictions, regardless of format, shape, source, application or platform.

See for yourself how CampaignRunner can end all your ETL troubles once and for all.

CampaignRunner enables you to look at your ETL needs in a holistic view. You can easily incorporate ETL into your business processes as re-usable foundational components. This approach eliminates the superficial distinctions introduced by legacy ETL tools and puts the focus directly on your business logic and operational processes.

Best of all, without any coding or scripting. With no to minimal IT involvement. No specialized or prorietary IT skills needed. All it takes is a few clicks with an innovative user interface that commoditizes all databases, data warehouse appliances and operating systems.

Point ETL Solutions are Outdated and Costly

Many ETL tools are not delivering on their promise. To blur the issue further, some try to distinguish between ETL (Extract-Transform-Load), ELT (Extract-Load-Transform), or other fashionable acronyms.

Since our inception, CampaignRunner has provided an advanced platform that natively supports both ETL and ELT with our instant Federated Data Network (iFDN). As a matter of fact, when your foundation is based on integration of all enterprise data sources, no other solution can be sufficient. Consequently, CampaignRunner has changed the dynamics of what ETL means.

Difficulties with Other ETL Tools

Are you frustrated with your ETL challenges? Do you find yourself custom coding to support or bypass the your ETL tools? Despite the large number of expensive ETL tools on the market, they lack the functionality, the power, or the flexibility required in enterprise environments:

  • Due to their sheer complexity and maintenance overhead, they tend to obscure the real business objectives, which may go unserved.
  • They remain a distinct, separate step in your overall process. They are difficult to integrate to your core business processes.
  • They require duplication of sensitive data in nonsecure environments.
  • They are platform specific and cannot handle the true range of data sources and server platforms that a typical enterprise has.
  • They require large, dedicated IT teams and consultants, extra hardware, etc. Sometimes, it is even outsourced due to their sheer complexity.
  • They require specialized, proprietary skills to tweak and fix, to write and maintain scripts, to manage script repositories, etc.
  • They are pont solutions around limited platforms and can only support , specific data formats. They cannot handle changes in data sources or formats.

See for yourself how CampaignRunner can end all your ETL troubles once and for all.