Flexible EDI & EII for All Your Data & Applications

CampaignRunner: Your Single Solution for EDI & EII

The question is simple. Every organization has to deal with it regardless of its size, structure, or field of operation: How do you unify all your data and make it available to key decision makers and application systems? Some of the challenges include the fact that you may have internal data, you may external vendor data, you may have organizational silos that view and manage that data differently and in different systems and formats?

The larger an organization, the more complex the answer. Traditional EDI (Enterprise Data Integration) and EII (Enterprise Information Integration) tools only increase that complexity by adding additional software layers, extra hardware, more complex processes, and additional staff. And they do not scale either in performance or in their point solutions for each system.

See for yourself how we can solve your EII and EDI challenges.

  • Dynamic: Our solution requires no hard-configured or static parts. It intelligently discovers all it needs to know.
  • Metadata-Driven: CampaignRunner is built on pure metadata which allows it to run in almost any environment against any data.
  • Secure: Your data remains secure and private. All your data remains in its original location. No data transfer to less secure systems is needed.
  • Flexible: Our platform provides you with the most flexibility when it comes to safeguarding your investment in your EDI & EII solution: You can move from system to system and from platform to platform without losing any of your work.
  • Scalable:CampaignRunner is built from the ground up with exclusive focus on enterprise needs. It is built with enterprise-ready scalability, efficiency and performance.
  • Challenges of EDI & EII

    An enterprise must solve a basic set of constraints when it comes to managing its data. The constraints are along the dimensions of data, applications, hardware infrastructure, business processes and limited resources of budget, staff, and time:

    • Data: How do you integrate the myriad sources of data across your enterprise and organizational silos?
    • Applications: How do you ensure your custom and 3rd-party applications will continue to operate against this growing complexity?
    • Infrastructure: How do you deal with your diverse hardware infrastructure?
    • Processes: How do you successfully manage the sheer number of different standards and formats used by different back-ends?
    • Budget: Perhaps most importantly, how do you provide a solution within a limited budget and staff?

    See for yourself how we can solve your EII and EDI challenges.