Instantly Build Data Warehouses & Marts

Capture the Elusive Single Version of Truth!

Data comes from many sources, gets duplicated in different organizational silos, given new meaning, transformed in unique ways, and treated with different levels of care, under different governance rules and in different geographic locations. And despite your best efforts, the single version of truth remains elusive.

Regardless, our instant Federated Data Network (iFDN) brings all of that data together instantly, making it available for any analytics, BI and reporting needed. Simply put, CampaignRunner is one of the most flexible and innovative platforms for successfully building and running enterprise data warehouses. From the preparation and master data management, and from populating it to powering your reports and business applications, we make it possible with our products built on iFDN.

See for yourself how fast you can build your data warehouse.

Rapid ROI. Guaranteed!

As a comprehensive data governance tool, CampaignRunner reduces complexity in accessing information, improves reusability, and delivers rapid ROI.

Plug-and-Play Data Warehouse via iFDN

Plug-n-Play DW

What if you did not have to physically build a data warehouse? What if you could get all the benefits of a data warehouse instantly as if it were as easy as Plug-and-Play? It would certainly save you and your organization enormous sums of money, free up months or even years of active development, and eliminate the risk of failure or abandonment.

Our infrastructure is a platform that provides you with a complex, data centric integration with virtually all your data sources. Within a few minutes, you could analyze your customer transaction records in one business unit, aggregate it and compare it against your marketing and sales performance data in another business unit. Instantly automated. Instantly available via the web to anyone you authorize.

  • Flexible, extendible and extensible architecture
  • Adapt qucikly to market conditions
  • Easily change your assumptions, data models, business rules, servers or data base systems
  • Scale with your actual business needs
  • Consolidate any data across the enterprise
  • Create common information models dynamically, on-demand instead of hard-coding it
  • Gain unprecendented agility in your ability to make decisions
  • Automatically trace all data to its original source
  • Develop your solutions around your business needs, and not the other way around
  • Become more analytic driven
  • Bypass non-business and time consuming tasks associated with data warehouses: data extraction, transformation, loads, data mapping, enterprise data dictionaries, common business models, staging areas, etc.
  • Minimize PCO effect. Power, Conflict and Ownership of data resources remain one of the biggest obstacles to data warehouse success. With instant Federated Data Network (iFDN), stakeholders each remain in full control of their own domain areas, data sources and best practices.

Jumpstart Your Data Warehouse Efforts

Jumpstart Your DW

Our products and solutions provide an all-inclusive toolbox to jumpstart your data warehuse development efforts.

CampaignRunner can help you build a data warehouse easily with its extensive ETL capabilities. Check out our products to learn more about about different capabilities that they provide out of the box.

  • Use the best design approaches for your business. CampaignRunner supports all popular design approaches including dimensional modeling, star schemas, snowflake schemas, and fact constellation schemas.
  • Eliminate manual, brittle, and error-prone data mapping tasks such as business object definitions
  • Eliminate ETL tasks that require specialized technical skills
  • Eliminate temporary data staging areas
  • Reduce the time and costs involved in data synchronization and migration
  • Eliminate never-ending and costly design-redesign loops
  • Automate your data practices to monitor, refresh, update and cleanse your data
  • Empower your data warehouse to run on its own after deploying it instead of constantly attending to it.

Grow-as-You-Go to Minimize Risk and Maximize ROI

Minimize Risk, Maximize ROI

We can also combine the two approaches in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

For example, we can build data marts for individual organizational units. As they are being built, we can combine these data marts instantly into an overall enterprise-wide corporate data warehouse quickly. This approach saves you time, money and effort while reducing the considerable risks associated with large data warehouse projects.

This method also maintains the sense of ownership of individual business units and the local value they provide into the global picture.

Our difference is clear: We give you the ultimate power and flexibility over your data and business processes at a fraction of the costs of any alternative approaches.

See for yourself how fast you can build your data warehouse.