CRM Solutions for Smart Marketers

Go organic

Marketing is driven by data and marketers are smarter than ever by taking advantage of all of the data available to them. Our platform is designed, built and optimized from ground up specifically for smart marketers and business analysts. Some say we provide a truly organic platform for enterprise marketing initiatives and most demanding CRM projects.

See for yourself how you can use CampaignRunner's smarts.

CampaignRunner brings a much-needed paradigm shift to enable enterprise-wide CRM and campaign management initiatives:

  • We start from the plethora of enterprise data sources and commoditize them all via our instant Federated Data Network (iFDN).
  • We eliminate the dichotomy between the core marketing tasks such as segmentation, analysis, and reporting.
  • We combine all necessary functions and features under a single, cohesive, integrated umbrella. With other tools, similar functionality can only be provided by upto a dozen or more different tools, causing the user to interrupt his/her flow, to switch tools, and to deal with different technologies and user interfaces.
  • We then automate the whole process, from scheduling to web publishing, so the user has even more time to spend on their core business and data.
  • Best of all, no IT skills needed! CampaignRunner is a skills multiplier: with CampaignRunner, even a single non-technology user can easily accomplish more than a dedicated IT team.

See for yourself how you can use CampaignRunner's smarts.