Smarter Business Intelligence (BI)

CampaignRunner keeps you up-to-date on your key performance metrics and gives you with all of the benefits of BI with none of its drawbacks:

See for yourself how CampaignRunner's BI solutions can keep you on top of your business.

CampaignRunner keeps your models flexible

Keep Your Models Flexible

Traditional BI tools lock you in to a specific models that are developed after a long and expensive implementation phase, often involving outside consultants. Once developed, you are locked in to the model and cannot easily add new performance metrics or modify existing ones in terms of what they measure and how it is specified.

With CampaignRunner, you are never locked into any strict view of your data as you would with any other solution. Regardless of the complexity of your data, you can view it and analyze it from any model-specific point of view.

CampaignRunner helps you break out of silos

Break Out of Silos

Traditional BI solutions are often compartmentalized and very specific to certain users. What has been developed cannot easily be used by other users with similar needs, therefore needing to go through the whole implementation phase again. Ironically, they help perpetuate the limitations of business unit silos around data and processes.

CampaignRunner helps you overcome such limitations. Any solution you develop can instantly be repurposed and reused by other users and business units, and the embedded knowledge can be transferred to new situations.

CampaignRunner always serves fresh data

Always Fresh Data

With traditional BI solutions, data freshness is usually an issue. Reports do not reflect the current actual data, but rather the data as of the last point in time when the data was refreshed.

Thanks to its instant Federated Data Network (iFDN) foundation, CampaignRunner always give you reports based on freshest data.

CampaignRunner requires no coding

No Coding

Reports are the bread and butter of a BI solution. Unfortunately, traditional BI solutions require extensive knowledge of the underlying data models and arcane programming skills in one or more scripting languages. Development of new reports often requires external consultants. Existing reports are hard to modify.

With CampaignRunner, you can create new reports with only a few clicks. Existing reports are easy to modify and re-purpose as well.

See for yourself how CampaignRunner's BI solutions can keep you on top of your business.