WebRunner: Enterprise Portal-in-a-Box

Fast way to Dynamic Web Sites and Portals

A web portal integrates crucial back-end systems such as HR, ERP, CRM and other transactional applications together with various forms of data to better serve online customers or internal users. A portal provides a complex, interactive and responsive presence for users. WebRunner is our enterprise-class, cross-platform Portal-in-a-Box turnkey portal solution. All the key components are already built-in and ready to use. All that is needed is your data! With our ground-breaking instant Federated Data Network, even that is only a few clicks away.

See for yourself how WebRunner can help you custom web sites and portals.

Building or Redesigning your data-driven website?

Works Out of the Box

With WebRunner, you can quickly and easily build a state-of-the-art solution, with all the connections you need, and go live on-time with no project over-runs.

The best part is that you have instant access to any corporate or external data you need, thanks to our metadata-driven architecture. All you need to worry about is how to present all that data!

  • Minimize your implementation risks with WebRunner's proven technology. Eliminate the risk of budget overruns or project delays.
  • Increase productivity and reduce head-count, especially on portal development teams.
  • Build a state of the art web presence that integrates all your databases and back-end systems.
  • The most difficult aspects of building new web sites and portals are the integration of applications and information sources. WebRunner drastically minimizes this challenge with its built-in iFDN.
  • WebRunner thrives on diverse, multi-platform environments. Simply put, no other tool provides the same level of connectivity and number of built-in integrations.
  • Enable rapid access to all your corporate-wide information for your employees.
  • Scale the benefits of the portal securely to all your customers, employees and partners.

See for yourself how WebRunner can help you custom web sites and portals.