ListRunner: List Generation on Demand

Turn Any Data Source To A Marketing List

ListRunner is a fully customizable integrated web application server designed primarily for list rental agencies and other list management institutions to manage list orders. It simplifies and streamlines the entire order processing cycle including counts, lists, billing and order status reports and enables the institutions to open up their list databases to their entire customer base via a secure and scalable platform.

Turn Any Data Source To A Marketing List

Works Out of the Box

Thanks to our metadata-driven foundation, you can easily take any data from anywhere and instantly convert it into a profitable marketing list. ListRunner offers a secure web-based interface with an intuitive interface. It gives the user all the power they need to manage their lists.

ListRunner offers a wide range of benefits and unique features:

  • Upload data from any source,
  • Perform any number of dynamic merge/purge operations,
  • Perform dynamic exclusions at any step with any other data,
  • Ese flexible and dynamic selection criteria,
  • Include previous order history for dynamic inclusions, exclusions and quality control procedures,
  • Integrate custom suppression techniques, and
  • Easily integrate with your order fulfillment back-ends.

See for yourself how you can start monetizing your data lists.