Loaded With Unique Features

CampaignRunner is exceptional in its class

CampaignRunner is packed with a list of innovative and unique features that give the users the full power over their database analysis and transformation tasks while saving them time and effort.

Just a few of features are listed below:

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Create federated databases instantly top

Instant Federated Databases

Do you have multiple data sources spread over multiple vendor platforms? Do you find it challenging to correlate different aspects of customer data from those sources?

CampaignRunner creates an instant federated data network comprising all your enterprise data sources. You can analyze, process and view all aspects of your customers, as though they were in a single database, regardless of idiosyncracies of each data source.

Scale up with Distributed Query Processing top

Distributed Query Processing

Do other tools scale up to large data volumes? Do you find the amount of manual setup labor challenging?

CampaignRunner has built-in support for distributed query processing. It can automatically spread the processing load across participating servers to better balance system resources, while improving overall response times and increasing the overall availability of your server resources at the same time.

CampaignRunner is more than an ad-hoc query and analysis tool top

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Do other tools require you to master various database schemas and structures? Do you use different tools to do queries and to generate reports?

CampaignRunner does not require any knowledge of the underlying database technology or structure. Users do not need to understand databases, table structures, or query languages, they only need to point and click. All this technology is encapsulated and implemented in decision elements that directly match the business terms and tasks in campaign management.

Ad-hoc reporting provides users with the ability to design, execute and save custom reports.

CampaignRunner gives you unmatched flexibility with compensating transactions top

Compensating Transactions

Do other tools make it difficult to make changes to your queries or procedures? Do you waste time and effort by re-running everything from scratch after a slight modification?

Change is a constant in everything. When writing advanced queries, implementing complex business policies, or when developing a segmentation strategy that optimizes your ROI, it is critical to have the ability to experiment and modify in order to make improvements. You may experiment various analytics and different ways of segmenting a population or writing your queries. Sometimes you may wish to undo some of your work. You may find you no longer need a tag you calculated previously, or you may wish to remove the last two cells you created, or perhaps you may try combining some of your existing cells and segments. But should a slight modification cause you to lose all of your previous calculations and results?

With CampaignRunner, you can accomplish all these with unmatched flexibility and speed. Instead of running your whole campaigns from scratch, CampaignRunner uses an innovative technique that we call Compensating Transactions. This technique rolls back to undo only the steps that you have requested. You do not need to waste your time and effort in unnecessarily re-creating and re-running your entire campaigns.

CampaignRunner offers update semantics top

Update Semantics

Do you need IT help if you want to save the results of some of your analysis back to the database or to the datawarehouse? Do you have to wait for external IT resources to become available before you can do this?

CampaignRunner can easily commit your work at any stage back to the original operational databases and datawarehouses. After performing advanced segmentation and complex analytics on your data, you may save these results back to your source databases or datawarehouses permanently for future reference or to facilitate future analysis.

This feature turns CampaignRunner to a full-fledged database analysis and manipulation tool.

CampaignRunner lets you work on multiple databases and datawarehouses top

Any Data, Anywhere

Do other tools place limitations on where your data may come from? Do you need to move large chunks of your data to separate staging areas before you can even start your work?

CampaignRunner can bring in data simultaneously from multiple data sources such as operational customer databases, datawarehouses, and regular files in various formats. CampaignRunner can also use any of these data stores as destination to save your results.

CampaignRunner comes with a full range of analysis, tagging and segmenting tools top

Analytics and Segmentation

Are you using a number of disparate tools just to calculate a new tag? Are you transferring your data all over these tools just to calculate a cross-tab? Do you often rely on external, third-party support to write code for your complex nth'ing needs?

CampaignRunner comes with almost 20 ready-to-use decision nodes. You can accomplish a number of complex tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse.

CampaignRunner requires minimal database or SQL knowledge top

No Technical Skills

Do you rely on third-parties to code your logic for your tags, crosstabs, and other analysis steps? Do you frequently refer to various manuals to get rid of syntax messages? Do you enjoy taking frequent courses on the latest syntax rules or on programming?

CampaignRunner provides an intuitive user interface that accomplishes almost everything with a few mouse clicks. You will rarely need to write any SQL code. Even then, CampaignRunner simplifies the syntax simple statements.

CampaignRunner comes with an innovative visual user interface top

Intuitive UI

Do other so-called visual query builders force you to type a lot? Do they only show you pictures while leaving you with the same amount of work as before?

CampaignRunner's visual database query builder enables you to perform complex analysis on multiple databases easily. CampaignRunner requires minimum typing or coding. It offers you a complete set of decision elements to transform your data visually with just a few mouse clicks.

CampaignRunner is color-coded to give status info at a glance top

Multi-modal Feedback

Do other tools leave in the dark on how much work you have left or where you stand with respect to your project status?

CampaignRunner uses an innovative visual technique to color code decision elements in decision trees. It uses a familiar tradition of traffic lights as analogy and displays nodes in red, yellow or green colors. Red color means the particular decision element has not been correctly configured yet. Yellow signifies that the decision element has been configured but not yet executed against the data. Finally, green means that the decision element has been configured properly and executed, and its results, including audit information, are available.

CampaignRunner is self-documenting and self-auditing top


Do you spend most of your time trying to document your campaigns? Are you keeping your notes and thoughts in multiple locations? Are you concerned about your expected returns? In your segmentation sizes before you actually commit and send out offers?

CampaignRunner offers integrated features that enable you to document and audit each campaign, graph, and individual decision element. You will know exactly how your total population gets segmented and the size of each marketing cell and segment.

CampaignRunner fosters collaboration top


How do you communicate with other colleagues working on the same campaign? Are you relying on off-line communication? Do you pass along notes and emails on your strategies? How do you share your models or their results with your colleagues?

CampaignRunner was designed with collaboration in mind. You can work with your colleagues as a team and yet maintain your independency in your creativity. You can share your campaigns and models with others, and review theirs and/or make modifications to improve them. You always remain in control of your sensitive information and campaigns.

Through CampaignRunner's XML features, you can even share your campaigns with your colleagues at off-site and in your industry through to develop best practices.

CampaignRunner provides versioning and access controls top


How do you enforce security rules around your campaigns? How do you maintain your privacy when you are in the middle of modeling your new strategies? How do you keep your old campaigns intact while making new improvements to them?

CampaignRunner supports versioning your campaigns. It supports the full range of access controls so that only authorized colleagues can see and/or modify protected resources such as sensitive models and strategies.

CampaignRunner is highly customizable top


Do you spend a lot of time configuring your existing software? Or have you just given up on it?

CampaignRunner offers you dozens of features that you can customize to your preferences or to your particular database or work environment. You can even customize database and server optimization settings for different campaigns and populations.

CampaignRunner links to your external repositories top


How do link in your external resources such as creatives with your segmentation results?

CampaignRunner can link your cells and segments to your other data repositories and to external, third-party partner sites.

CampaignRunner supports the way you work with iterative analysis cycles top

Iterative Analysis

CampaignRunner gives you the freedom to optimize your target market through multiple cycles of iterative analysis of customer data, scoring and segmentation models. Its intuitive interface allows you to drill within customer populations to identify precise segments or to enhance the results of any step in the decision trees and query graphs.

CampaignRunner lets you analyze and score each segment independently top

Segment Analytics

CampaignRunner saves you time and effort by dynamically scoring only the population segments in which you are interested. It can create custom tags and other scoring models independently for each segment.

Scoring takes place only for records defined by the customer segment, eliminating the need to score your entire database population.

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