Many Benefits To Help Your Bottomline

CampaignRunner is Good for Business

Whether you are a professional marketer, a data analyst, a database administrator, an IT analyst, or a business user, CampaignRunner will improve your productivity and effectiveness regardless of your experience level.

Here are just a few ways that CampaignRunner is good for your business:

See for yourself how you can instantly benefit from CampaignRunner.

CampaignRunner guarantees mutual exclusion among marketing cells and segments top

Mutual Exclusion

Do your customers often receive multiple offers, perhaps with conflicting messages? This is because most products in the market cannot ensure that an individual should only be put in one and only one marketing segment, ideally the one with the best returns.

CampaignRunner is the only product in the market that guarantees that individuals in your campaign will never end up in more than one segment, and thus will never receive multiple, conflicting messages from you. No one will be double counted. Guaranteed.

Full customer-level and segment-level accountability top

Full Accountability

CampaignRunner has built-in features that track the specific reasons and conditions under which certain customers were either chosen or not chosen for specific campaigns, marketing cells or segments.

CampaignRunner makes it easy to reconstruct the campaign building process in order to trace certain customers, cells or segments for detailed reporting and analysis tasks. This gives the marketing professionals a transparency into the effects of any single business rule on their marketing strategies and offers ways to optimize their campaigns.

CampaignRunner bridges the gaps among users, and between processes top

Bridge Apps, Users, Processes

CampaignRunner enables users to share and exchange ideas with peace of mind. It brings the business users and IT analysts together on projects.

CampaignRunner also integrates the tasks in the full life cycle of typical projects and marketing campaigns such as modeling, design, implementation, testing and optimization steps. Concepts and models lead to instant designs, and designs are automatically implemented and are ready to execute. Testing and optimization strategies based on those results are simple and take effect immediately.

CampaignRunner persistency features let you reuse your previous work top


You can persistently store any campaign and its elements such as query and segmentation graphs in a database or in XML. You can provision access to these objects and reuse them later simply by loading them in.

CampaignRunner gives you the full range of Nth'ing options at the click of a mouse top

Full Nthing Options

Nthing has been encapsulated as a decision element along with a number of highly effective and relevant concepts such as crosstabbing. At the click of the mouse, you can have access to the full range of nthing options such as fully randomized nthing, every-nth, top-n, and bottom-n, each with various sorting options.

CampaignRunner provides instant feedback on campaign effectiveness top

Instant Feedback

With its built-in auditing features, CampaignRunner gives you all the information you need on the effectiveness of your segmentation strategies, including population sizes in each marketing cell and segment.

CampaignRunner provides immediate feedback on any action performed by the user with helpful messages, color coding schemes, and other techniques. Detailed documentation pages are always available at the click of the mouse.

CampaignRunner improves productivity of your most valuable assets top

Improve Productivity

CampaignRunner is ideal for marketing analysts, business users and skilled database technologists. It simplifies their tasks, automates many of their traditional chores in developing campaigns, and saves them from typing reams of SQL.

CampaignRunner has no learning curve top

No Learning Curve

CampaignRunner is easy to use. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface and requires almost no typing on part of the user. The decision elements provide a simple interface to the underlying complex business logic.

CampaignRunner is easy to administer top

Easy to Manage

CampaignRunner provides all system administration features via an integrated set of graphical interfaces. As with the rest of the system, all system management and administration tasks are accomplished with only a few mouse clicks.

CampaignRunner installs and works out of the box top

Works Out of the Box

CampaignRunner installation takes no longer than a few minutes. With no extensive or complicated setup procedures, it is ready to run.

See for yourself how you can instantly benefit from CampaignRunner.