CampaignRunner: Modern Marketing Platform

By Marketers... For Marketers

CampaignRunner is an enterprise-grade, unified campaign management platform. CampaignRunner lets you visually create, deploy and run complex aggregation, analytics and segmentation operations for your multi-channel, multi-wave campaigns in an intuitive point-and-click environment.

See for yourself how much time, effort and money you can save with CampaignRunner while doing more, and doing it better than ever before.

Here is just a few ways CampaignRunner is powerful and intuitive:

Metadata Engine


CampaignRunner is based on exceptionally powerful concept of metadata. Using metadata, CampaignRunner can manage all enterprise data, regardless of the source, structure or location. It doesn't matter where the information is located or how it's formatted. Maybe it belongs to a different silo in your organization or maybe it exists on different vendor platforms. Maybe it's sitting on a large FTP site, in a folder full of spreadsheets. Maybe it is unstructured data like a partner website or an email account. CampaignRunner makes far-flung data sources come together in a single view. Instantly. CampaignRunner instantly creates a data network that displays the information you need, when you need it.

A User Interface for Humans


When you use CampaignRunner, you'll interact with a full-featured but elegantly simple UI that makes the stunning diversity of data comprehensible to common business users. There's no need to understand databases, table structures or query languages. With CampaignRunner, you simply point, click and do. No coding experience, extensive training or advanced computer knowledge is required. When you use CampaignRunner, you'll interact with a full-featured but elegantly simple UI with multimodal feedback - from common-language messages to colors inspired by traffic lights. All there to help the user navigate with ease. Behind the scenes, our UI translates your clicks into complex actions. It's a real bridge between human and machine.

It's comprehensive


Other solutions may have collected a hodge-podge of tools over time out of mergers, defunct products and disparate tools, only to gift-wrap them in shiny paper and call it a system. CampaignRunner is a unified marketing platform that we have developed organically from the ground up, with a single goal in mind. Our products speak the same language. They complement each other like they were designed to do. And they work together to make your job as a professional marketer and data analyst easier than ever.

CampaignRunner Buys You Time

Buys You Time

It is no secret that many organizations operate in a culture of doing things as the wind blows - meaning that campaigns are pushed out incompletely because time runs out before all the data is aggregated, counted, analyzed, segmented, etc. By simplifying and automating the most daunting challenges in data preparation and campaign management, CampaignRunner literally gives you more time. More time you can focus on your core business and strengths. More time you can be more creative. More time you can optimize your campaigns instead of being overwhelmed by them. More time you can build relationships with your customers. What will you do with all that extra time?

It works out of the box!

It Works Out of the Box

With any other solution, you'll wait six months to a year before your data is fit for human consumption. You will bring in external consultants, share your data and processes with them and may even compromise yourself with potential data breaches. That's a big cost, in terms of both time and money. CampaignRunner brings the profound realization that things should be simpler. CampaignRunner works right out of the box. Just point it at your data and watch as simplicity flowers from complexity.

It helps you be Agile and Flexible

Agile and Flexible

Change is constant. Your data changes. Your business rules change. Your partners change. Try to keep up with that using other solutions! Trust us, no one has that kind of time and money for it. instantly adapts to your ever-changing environment. It moves at the speed of your thought. Update your data or file layouts and in minutes, you are up to date. Modify your complex business rules and data processing algorithms and in minutes, you are good to go. Switch databases or operating systems and CampaignRunner grows right along with you. Say goodbye to expensive and repetitive remapping, because when things change, you won't have to start from scratch. CampaignRunner's flexibility and ease of use makes it the top choice for marketing professionals around the world.

It is affordable


CampaignRunner is a skills-multiplier as it empowers mere users with the power and skills of the most advanced IT and analytics teams. You will see how easily they overcome constant change requests, modify the analytics steps or redo them completely, pull in and use any data, and generate any files requested. The list is endless. In a word, it improves the productivity of your most-valued assets: your marketing professionals, business analysts and IT technicians. You'll see a return on your investment right away. You'll run better campaigns while using fewer resources. No other solution even comes close in terms of features and functionality, yet our platform is far more affordable than the imitators. And with a proven track record. Guaranteed.

It's Risk-Free!


With CampaignRunner, there's no long-term commitment just to get a proof-of-concept. Just give us a day and we'll show you exactly how CampaignRunner can help solve your most complex marketing and data management challenges. And we'll prove it using your real-life requirements to solve your real-life challenges. We won't simplify your needs beyond recognition here. In fact, we are sure you will see how you can double your productivity, double your speed, and cut your costs by half, compared to any other solution.

See for yourself how much time, effort and money you can save with CampaignRunner while doing more, and doing it better than ever before.