iFDN: Instant Federated Data Network

Goal: Single View of Your Data

A comprehensive, coherent and easily accessible 360-degree view of your data is essential for any CRM effort. For most enterprises, consolidation of diverse data sources into a single vendor platform is often too expensive, unrealistic and a constant source of woes.

Challenge: Your Data, Applications and Systems Are In a Fight

Data, Apps and Systems at Fight

You have data in different formats, on different servers, and in multiple locations. Customer do-not-call lists, model scores, transaction records, purchase history, and customer demographics, for instance, may all come from different systems in different formats, often from outside organizational boundaries, and from legacy and third-party applications, on different computer systems and databases and maybe even in the cloud. Plus, you need to interface with your vendors and partners and things even more complicated.

The question is how do you make all this work? Until now, you had to spend a fortune on an odd mix of technology, then spend more on expensive integrators and consultants, and hope that it all would start working together before the next piece broke down.

Now, you have a choice that actually works.

Solution: iFDN Unifies Your Data, Applications And Systems

iFDN Unites Data, Apps, and Systems

CampaignRunner is based on the exceptionally powerful concept of metadata. Using metadata, CampaignRunner can manage all enterprise data. It doesn't matter where the information is located or how it's formatted. Maybe it is on your desktop or on a corporate server, Maybe it is in the cloud or on different vendor platforms. Maybe it's sitting on a large FTP site, in a folder full of spreadsheets. Maybe it is unstructured data like a partner website or an email account. CampaignRunner makes all your data sources come together in a single view. CampaignRunner instantly creates a data network that displays the information you need, when you need it.

One of the innovations of CampaignRunner is its approach to this complex integration process. CampaignRunner instantly creates a Federated Data Network (iFDN) via its innovative aggregation and syncronization engine. CampaignRunner gives the user a single, metadata-driven view of the enterprise's myriad data sources as one single data network, regardless of database vendor, file type, or server location.

iFDN is Internet for your data

Internet for Your Data

Simply put, iFDN is the internet for your data. You can surf through all your data just like you do a web page; but you can do so much more. CampaignRunner gives you all the tools you need to collect, sanitize, inter-relate, and process all that data any way you want.

See for yourself how much more productive you can be when you put your data on iFDN.