Why CampaignRunner Is The Right Choice

Why Choouse CampaignRunner?

When all technology is complex and all vendors make similar claims, it is easy to get confused about what is the right choice for you. Professional sales people ensure this fog continues until you sign the contract.

When you put things in black and white, however, the choice becomes clear. What we say we do, we show it to you in your real-life environment on your real-life situations from day one!

So, let's count the ways that CampaignRunner is the right choice for you:

  • We have been in business for almost two decades. We released our first product in 1998. Not a single competitor can make this claim today where many may have been acquired, sold, abandoned and resurrected under different names and guises.
  • CampaignRunner works! We have a proven track record that spans from Fortune 100 financial institutions to marketing agencies, and from hospitality and gaming to retail powerhouses. Our products simply work, and work as promised.
  • We have all the solutions that marketers want. From the start, CampaignRunner was designed by marketers, for marketers. Our suite of products have been invented, designed and built to work with you, to make complex tasks easy and to double your speed and productivity.
  • We have one organic platform that we have developed over the last two decades. All invented, designed, planned and developed internally. No off-shoring, no out-sourcing. Compare that to other products where few or none of the original developers may remain after going through repeated layoffs, mergers and acquisitions.
  • We have the best customer service in the industry. We often like to think our customers love us because of our technology, but they love us even more for our exceptional customer service. Compare that to horror stories you hear from other vendors.
  • We are the lowest-risk solution for you.
  • Listen to what our customers are saying about us!
  • Do the math yourself! Grab a piece of paper and compare us point by point, feature by feature, to any other solution that you're considering. We are sure that you'll see that CampaignRunner comes shining through any criteria you may have.
  • We simplify and automate your tasks and give you more time

See for yourself how much time, effort and money you can save with CampaignRunner while doing more, and doing it better than ever before.