CampaignRunner is Born

Our Story

Most campaign management tools don't really simplify marketing - quite the opposite, in fact. They complicate things, require lots of user training, need constant attention, hamper the productivity of marketers and constrain them in what they can do. We thought things should be simpler. So, back in 1998, using our expertise in fields like Artifical Intelligence, Database Systems, Parallel Processing and Distributed Systems, (and using marketers as our actual designers and as our muse), we embarked on a mission: to design and build an enterprise-class marketing platform that was extremely powerful, yet very easy to use.

CampaignRunner is a robust, intuitive liaison between you and your data. It has many more features than anything else you'll find, and it's smart, flexible and intuitive. We made it that way because marketing pros shouldn't have to take their eyes off the business by chasing after IT or learn arcane systems. They need a flexible and powerful solution that can follow them at the speed of thought.

Let's talk about your challenges and see how CampaignRunner can help solve them.